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This is the Story of a Girl
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It's 11:10 pm on the day that turn out to be a long day. (and I hope by typing this I won't cry)...

I guess I'll have to fill you in.. It started as any other normal day or as normal as it could be. I got up like a good girl and was like I'm going to the mall 1) to get my oil changed and 2) to find some stuff for my trip that is coming up.

Everything was done in time... and I thought hey, I'll run to Target to get some polo shirts that are on sale. I was like I could go to Shiloh or South County... hey, I'll go to South County and while I'm over there I stop in to see my Grandpa.

As, I was leaving the mall, I thought I would give him the heads up and at least give him a warning that I'm coming. There was no answer... call my dad just make sure that it wasn't my phone, etc.. he couldn't get an answer either. So, my dad starts to worry. My grandpa has cancer and there is talk that he could break his hip at any time. So, my dad calls Claire and she said that she would be over in a little while to check in on him. So, I was like I'll head over and stop there first before running to Target.

I stop by the mall box and get the mall... I guess he didn't get Saturdays. Nothing new. I pull in and the garage is shut. I get out and walk to the patio.. it's locked. Then I get the front door.. I'm on the phone with my mom by the way... I open the front door (it's unlocked) and say ... Grandpa it's Heather... you around? There's no answer... I walk into the living room... and there was my Grandpa.. Dead! I'm the one that has to find his body in his favorite chair... Then I lost it. I call 911... and they came, but they said that he looks to be dead for about 8 hours or so... that he must have dozzed off and died in his sleep.

So, I tell my dad that his dad had died... this is the second time I've had to tell my parents that their dad has died. I'm the one that told my mom that her dad had died.

Everthing becomes a blur... I know that Joan's kids showed up (Claire, Carol and Jim) and then my Aunt Wendy showed up... to make sure I was ok.. not that Claire,etc.. didn't but... hey my Aunt can always make me smile.

The police came.. and then the priest... then the funeral home to take the body to SLU (he had donated his body to the medical school).... then as any family would do we all had a beer and toasted to my Grandpa.

I'm just really sad because in the back of my head.. I've wanted to go over to see him for a while... I've been sick and busy... and time has just been going so fast.. the past 2 weeks... I've been bullshiting around with dumbass boys... when I could have stopped in to see him. I'm glad that he did get my card that I've sent him... because I don't know what I would do if I found that in the mail box. I knew that he wasn't doing well.. and the even though his death was sudden it was coming... I was just hoping he would make it to my graduation. I'm going to really miss talking to him about my dad or when he was in the services.... they got to travel all over the world. He was good man, who I had hoped would lived for a few more decades... or years or even just a one more day so, I could tell him that I loved him again.

So, I woke up this AM with two grandparents... and I go to bed with one!

I'll miss you grandpa!

Lester Kermit Kirkpatrick (08/04/1931-02/18/2007)


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I love the fact that my roommate, Kodi is a Hooters Girl!! :)
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the Questioner
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  • Listen to me carefully.
  • Don't judge me for my anxiety.
  • Work things through with me.
  • Reassure me that everything is OK between us.
  • Laugh and make jokes with me.
  • Gently push me toward new experiences.
  • Try not to overreact to my overreacting.

What I Like About Being a Six

  • being committed and faithful to family and friends
  • being responsible and hardworking
  • being compassionate toward others
  • having intellect and wit
  • being a nonconformist
  • confronting danger bravely
  • being direct and assertive

What's Hard About Being a Six

  • the constant push and pull involved in trying to make up my mind
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  • fearing being abandoned or taken advantage of
  • exhausting myself by worrying and scanning for danger
  • wishing I had a rule book at work so I could do everything right
  • being too critical of myself when I haven't lived up to my expectations

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  • are anxious and hypervigilant; anticipate danger
  • form a team of "us against them" with a best friend or parent
  • look to groups or authorities to protect them and/or question authority and rebel
  • are neglected or abused, come from unpredictable or alcoholic families, and/or take on the fearfulness of an overly anxious parent

Sixes as Parents

  • are often loving, nurturing, and have a strong sense of duty
  • are sometimes reluctant to give their children independence
  • worry more than most that their children will get hurt
  • sometimes have trouble saying no and setting boundaries

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    LJ Interests meme results

    1. care bears:
      I'm a product of the 80s what can I say
    2. empire records:
      Remember kids... Virgin... 4 years... this is what it was like on a random Tuesday with Shane and Rick...
    3. hackers:
      Another great random movie... You have to love it.. if you don't well... you just must...
    4. john mayer:
      Sex... just plain sex
    5. lindze letherman:
      My homegirl... Ms. Lindze... I hope that GH will be good to her... this storyline is sucking...
    6. my so-called life:
      I so wanted to be Angela Chase in Middle School... Oh, what a great show....
    7. playing by heart:
      My favorite moive... next to the Pirate Movie... lol... just a great cast... great story... love it.
    8. savage garden:
      Darren Hayes... My ozzie lovah... I Heart him... this band is just great...

      Story time: Nicole, Shaylan and I.. NyC.... N Sync.. and Savage Garden.. and remember that why would people go to Savage Garden.. only if I knew that would be the end of them.. :(
    9. stl:
      Where I'm currently residing..
    10. tony lucca:
      Mr. Lucca... what to say... great songwriter... :)

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    .... I heart my iPod
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    I have like 5 mintues to post... because my self-placed excile from the computer to do homework is at midnight.

    It has been a wicked long day, and I can not believe that I am up still at midnight. Tuesday.. I didn't get home till 8 from school... then I had to finsih my project that was due today.. then I didn't get to bed till midnight. I woke up today at 10 till 7... worked at school from 8 - 11:30.. went to class from noon till 2:45.. was asked to become an officer for Eta Sigma Gamma.. because the other girl is not doing her job... got home from school at 3:15... set up the tape for Lost... Left for work... that was from 4 till 10:30... got home at 10:50... and watched Lost... and alas I am now here...

    Lost... I have so much to say about it... aghhh...

    What the hell... this season is going to be great.. i love the twist and turns... :)

    Other then that.. I purchased Maroon 5's new Live CD and DVD... what what.... watching it now.. However, I am pissed that iTunes does not like it... so, I can't upload it to play on my iPod...

    I'm a minute over.. I must get off... night night
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    but I don't want to type it..

    but this was totally coming...

    Jive Records To Release *NSYNC's Greatest Hits
    11 Tracks from the Multi-Platinum Group
    In Stores October 25
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    Well, My parents leave to head back to Florida today.

    I'll drop my mom off about noonish, then head back to the Carbon of Glen. Then my goal today is do as much homework as I can. Just get it done.

    -Call about Rolfing
    -Finish paper about Death
    -Drug Panel
    -Study for Death test
    -Find an meeting
    -Find someone to interview

    I also plan to watch Lost today.. I'm just going to start a disc in my room.. and just keep playing them. The new season starts soon.. and I need to get bone up on the information.

    I really want to go to California, but I don't know if I have to money.. I was hoping to use Heather's free ticket... but I guess all the flights are booked.. for Wednesday.. which I think is *bullshit* since the website .. list about a half a dozen flights. Anyways... if I don't use the free ticket.. I'll have to pay like 300.00 to fly.. in a month.. which again I find *bullshit*.. but hopefully... i can get the information that I need to call the peoeple...

    *I remember,*
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    I shall be a good person, oh fuck... what the hell am I going to do now.

    I have a stack of homework to do. I mean if I sit down and really think about how much work I have to do I will take the gun and shoot myself. But, ask me what I'm doing today.. go ahead ask me? Oh.. I tell you.. I'm heading to Springfield, IL with my parents. I've been up since 6:45... waiting for the shower... and what not... should just go back to bed, wake up and do homework...

    I have to order my ticket tonight or the lasted tomorrow...
    I'm heading to Burbank, California. Just for a few days for a conference.. but I know that I need to get out here.. and starting apply myself to my degree. Plus, California. I've never been there.

    *Open Question/Request* I have to interview someone who works with the elderly or in the death business for my Death class. I was wondering if anyone knew of someone personal... It would greatly help me out.

    *mental note* I have to go this women to interview her for my consumer class... that is my goal.. tonight I must due.

    Hope everyone back home is weathering the storm... please keep safe.
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